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Affected by COVID-19? Leverage the internet with a payment gateway and give your customers the ability to shop online

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What is your business struggling with?

Need to generate cash flow?
Need to accept online payments?
Credit card fees
to high?
Need an ATM for your business?
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Lease To Own Programs

Nexus has multiple Lease to own packages to get you up and running fast! ATM's, Credit Card Terminals, and Ecommerce solutions.

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Credit Card Processing

Tired of paying outrageous Credit Card Processing fees? Nexus can help you lower your rate or get rid of them entirely!


ATM Equipment 

When it comes to ATM equipment sales Nexus is among the best in the nation because of our competitive pricing packages and our unbeatable service!

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Accept Online Payments

2020 showed us that It has never been more important to increase your digital footprint and give your customers the ability to shop online! Nexus can help by providing an online gateway with low rates!

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ATM Processing 

Already Own an ATM and want to maximize revenue or have real-time ATM analytics? Nexus can help bring your ATM up to date with our EMV upgrade kits, competitive rates and real-time mobile reporting app

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24/7 Mobile Real-Time reporting 

Manage, Track and pull reports right from the palm of your hand with our mobile app for Android and IOS App!

Nationwide Services

We offer a wide verity of in house services to provide our clients a one stop shop experience.

We have listed the most popular services we provide to help businesses. We offer three types of pricing and custom packages to fit your needs.

ATM Service, ATM Placement, ATM Vaulting, ATM Sales, Ecommerce Solutions, Credit Card Processing, Online Payments.

Sauna with View
Glenwood Hot Springs Resort 

We are a World Renowned Hotel Resort that has been looking for a dependable way for our guests to have access to cash. Nexus Payment Solutions was the first company to be able to handle the volume and exchange rates for our guests, while providing COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY and we would recommend them to anyone! 

Glenwood springs, CO 

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