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ATM Processing 

Already Own an ATM and want to maximize revenue or have real-time ATM analytics? Nexus can help bring your ATM up to date with our EMV upgrade kits, competitive rates and real-time mobile reporting app

ATM Processing Time Line

We will take a look at what situation and see how we can optimize your ROI from your current ATM. 


Once we have the paperwork finished one of our techs will onboard your ATM on our processing network which will give you the ability to access your terminal via our app or online


User Name & Login
Once everything is set up you will be assigned an username and login to monitor your ATM 24/7 in real time!


Once we see and decide how we can make changes to your current processing situation we will fill out new processing agreement. 


Vaulting & Commissions
Once your terminal is onboard all banking info such as vault cash info (if you vault your own ATM) and commission account (for profits from transactions) will be added *Commissions will be paid on the 15th of the following month via EFT*


Operate As Normal
At this stage you can continue every day life knowing your making the most possible from your ATM and continue to load ATM....They get hungry