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Credit Card Processing

Stop paying outrageous
processing fees, break away from square your business deserves better!
I would like to present our Cash Discount Program, this program has tremendous benefits for the business owner!
How it works:
 The fee that the business owners would traditionally pay is passed onto the card user (Like an ATM surcharge or paying a bill online) allowing the customer to "cover the cost of taking that card" and allow you the convince of taking credit cards or they will save the fee by paying with cash.
Below are some examples that benefit both the business owner and your customers.
  • This program has $0.00 processing cost to the business owner. 
  • It also increases sales by allowing people to pay the way they want and is less expensive than and ATM fee. 
  •  If the customers have reward cards the rewards are paid on the total amount of the transaction so their fees may be waived or reimbursed, and they will be given extra points for the transaction.
have more questions? schedule a call: and we can address your questions and get you accepting cards in no time

Credit Card Processing Time Line

Establishing goals
Asses what your looking for in a processor this will help you save on non necessity card transactions


Equipment Integration 
Once the new plan is in place lets get your new equipment set up (see lease to own or leasing options) 


Plug In, Download, and Go
Once you receive your new equipment plug it in to wall and ethernet cable and let it download updates.


Build A New Plan
Do a complete overhaul on how you take cards and which cards you take even offer a surcharge 


Banking and Accounting
Once equipment is set up we can enter merchant details to get you up and running


Enjoy taking payments or your new lower credit card....or 0 credit card fees and focus on running your business!