Lease To Own

We understand that you have specific needs when it comes to payment processing services. When is comes to starting your new business capital maybe a be limited.

We offer programs such as, Sales, Lease To Own and even Full Placement of ATM equipment. We now offer vaulting services if you buy the ATM and need us to provide the cash, we do it all or you do it all and everything in between. 

Lease To Own Time-Line

Establishing Goals
Reaching out is the first step to taking any type of payments, let us know what ways you want to take payments and we will tailor something for your business needs.


Get the Equipment Ordered
After we gathered information on what equipment needs to be ordered payments will be taken or financing will go through and we will get equipment processed and ordered


Online Payment Gateways
If you are doing an online payment gateway here is where we will integrate payments with your website or POS  if you are switching from another proccesser we will need the information covered in the paperwork section.


Fill Out The Paperwork
Once we establish your goals for taking payments and we have all the information its time to get it on paper and get your "build sheet" if your working with another company we will need all necessary information


Equipment Assembly
All of our ATMs and Credit Card Terminals are built on order so your not getting ANY used or old equipment so we can guarantee quality and reliability for all of the products we stand behind.


Programming & Shipping
After equipment is ready it will be programmed with all location info and shipped out to location
ready to plug and play!