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24/7 Mobile APP Monitoring

The Switch Commerce Companion app allows you to be in contact with your ATM in real time giving you feedback to keep everything running smooth! 
soon our Credit Card Processing and ATM app will be 1 to make everything convenient for out customers,
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Mobile App

Username & Password
Once we get you all set up in the system you will receive a username and password


Download App
Choose IOS or Android platform by clicking to respected logo (ABOVE) and download app to your smart device!


What's In The App
Locate the "Terminal Status Tab"  Here you will see a snapshot of information including Remaining balence in the ATM and how many days till it needs to be reloaded + more.


Access Your Account
You can now login to our client services tab with your new user name and password credentials via online or mobile app


Now that you have your app use credentials provided in step 1


Enjoy real time feedback in the palm of your hand